All things Space!

Our IDL topic Destination Outer Space is really in full swing now and we have learned lots about the fascinating topic that is space. I just love how enthusiastic the children have been and how much learning has been going on at home, around what we have been doing. Our classroom is looking amazing with all the different elements that we have been looking at.

We took a trip to primary 7, to see all the wonderful learning that they have been doing about space too. I think we knew more than them about the planets (ssshhh, keep that a secret). It was amazing to see just how much we knew and how we could have a discussion with them and answer questions. 

Our paper mache planets are finally completed and we are very hot on knowing all about the planets now- Albert will be happy about that.

Miss Seymour has done some work with us about the sun, moon and earth and what orbiting means (can you tell someone at home what it means).

We created some lovely constellations last week and I loved hearing that many of you saw the big dipper at the weekend. I am on the look out for constellations on my walks when it is a clear sky.

We created some little houses for our aliens to live in as Albert felt that they were a bit lonely and needed looking after. We wrote some wonderful descriptions about them too. 

We aren’t done yet…


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