Christmas Party!

Our Christmas Party is on Thursday at 11.00am so be sure to bring some lovely sparkly/smart clothes.

We are still welcoming some donations of food as we are quite short. Popcorn/crisps/sweets/juice.

I would also be grateful of paper plates, paper cups and some napkins. Anything you can help with would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all those donations we have currently.

We will be having a mini party in the afternoon with our food along with a Christmas Film (The Polar Express) as our party is tight for time we want to make the most out of the games/dancing. 

Also as Friday is that last day of term-It would be nice to have an extra little Christmas jumper/t-shirt/dress day in P2 (as Miss Rae LOVES them) for those who would like to wear one. As we will be going to the church first please wear your school jumper and bring your Christmas jumper in your bag for when we come back.

5 more sleeps- it is so exciting!! 


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