A Few Things

The school office are having a few problems with children who are late and teachers have marked them down as absent, but in fact they are here but are just late and then parents are being called when their child is in fact in school. So to try and stop this from happening. If you are late and your child’s line has already gone in you MUST go to the school office and report as late, your child will then be given a blue slip to take to their teacher. This means that both the office and the teacher know the whereabouts of the child. Please do not go in side doors and be let in by another child, go to the main school office as the register has  most likely been done by that time anyway. Thank you! 

We started looking at the alphabet in French today, here is a link to one of the videos we used to support out learning. Practise at home with the song and also with a game of lotto (bingo) like we did in class. It is a great way to get the children familiar with how the letters sound and look. We noticed a lot of them are similar to the English alphabet that we already know. 

The Red group in maths have started to learn to recite the 2x table. We were using the tap(the knees) clap (hands) click click (click each finger- right, left) whilst saying the 2x table. We went up 2 2 twelves are 24 and then back from 2 twelves to 2 ones. Have a go practising at home this week and hopefully you will be super quick by Friday. 

The Blue group are learning to show what the 2x table looks like in groups, arrays (rows of) and repeated addition. Have a go this week at practising the 2x table in this way. 

The Red and Blue group are also learning how to show what numbers to 1000 are made of. So for example, 357 is 300 50 and 7 or 3 100s 5 tens and 7 ones.

The Yellow team are looking at how numbers are made and what they look like- we have been using bundles of straws. When we have a bundle of ten we put an elastic band around them. So for example 23 would be 2 bundles of ten and three straws. Try this with a range of different numbers to 100. We are still practising so any extra work would be great. We are also learning to skip count in 2s and count forwards and backwards from 30. 

Please keep practising the spelling words at home- you don’t need to bring your blue jotter back into school each day. Keep it at home just now so that you are practising a little each night. Some of you will get some more words tomorrow. 

That’s about all for now! 

Thank you! 



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