Even with all the Strictly madness there has still been great learning going on! The weather really has been beautiful so it really has been fantastic to get outside that little bit more. 

We have been writing our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk- except it is us going on the adventure and not Jack so we had to write using our name and he/she and not I. We did an amazing job! I have to say our spelling and writing really is improving. We are trying to use a strategy where if we know how to spell a word we make sure that every time we write that word we spell it correctly. So it is important that we take our time and look through our writing to be able to identify the words. 

We have been adding amounts of money together at Miss Rae’s shop.  We are working on splitting up the amount of money for example if we have 7p then we split it to 2p and 5p when we are adding them together with another amount like 8p, we would do 5p, 2p and 1p. 

We are working through our targets for our bronze Growing Award. We created some scarecrow art. We focused on pattern, colour and line. These are going to look great in our garden area to protect our plants from any hungry birds. 

We had a visit from the bodyworks Science centre, which had lots of different activities to try out to test our speed, strength balance etc. 

Today was outdoor classroom day and as the weather is so beautiful what better way to do some learning. We got to get creative in teams and build with lots of different materials. We had a 15 minute time limit to build something in our teams and what an amazing job. What great team work, problem solving, safety and creativity skills were being developed. I was very impressed with the way everyone worked together and everyone created something. We had a castle, a den and a house. Fantastic.

We also had another treat today. Sophie came in to do a dance class with us. She is going to be with us for the next 5 weeks working towards putting on a show for the parents (more info to follow) and wow, what great movers we have in this class. I am so excited to be carrying the dancing on after strictly is all over. The routine is going to be amazing.

One last note, I just wanted to let you know that I made just over £6500 for my strictly fundraising and I am really excited to get on the floor tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the parents who are going tomorrow night. The support is very much appreciated! Thank you all! 


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